Song for The Great Turning: We Shall Be Known ~ MaMuse

This song for The Great Turning comes to us from the duo MaMuse, featuring the beautiful sounds of Sarah Nutting on vocals and flute, and Karisha Longaker on vocals and bass….

We shall be known by the company we keep
by the ones who circle round to tend these fires.

We shall be known by the ones who sow and reap
the seeds of change alive from deep within the earth.

It is time now.
It is time now that we thrive.
It is time we lead ourselves into the well.
It is time now, and what a time to be alive.
In this Great Turning we shall learn to lead in love.
In this Great Turning we shall learn to lead in love.

Give Yourself the Gift of Learning to Lead in Love in 2022!

Our Bold Invitation: Imagine your ideal world. The Great Turning is upon us. The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible has arrived. How are you living your life in this new world?

For 4 months, we are inviting you to join our Great Turning Experiment, Live Online from Findhorn, 16 March to 22 June. For full programme details and to book your place, please visit our programme page….