Our online learning journeys are designed to gather the global family to explore together how to navigate these challenging times and actualise The Great Turning.

The old world is dying and the new world has yet to be born. Ordinary citizens all over the planet, who’ve been struggling with the deep divisions across society in today’s fraught and fear-based social and political landscape, are coming together in active participation to cocreate and embody a new way of being and living in their lives and communities.

The convergence of multiple crises we face on the planet requires collective solutions, and it is by gathering and working together in groups to dream into and find our place within the new that change will happen.

Our educational programmes are an ongoing exploration encompassing both the inner and outer levels of personal and planetary transformation. They carry the energy and intention of active service to, and embodiment of, our three core principles of transformative living:


Discover the light of your soul and open to the transformational field of humanity’s next phase of conscious evolution.


Link hearts and hands with like-minded others around the world in celebration of our shared humanity and our growing planetary sense of oneness, of interbeing.


Make your love for the planet and your respect for all life visible by discovering what is yours to do in service at this time from a place of evolving maturity, empowerment, resilience and compassion.

We are delighted to be offering these collaborative journeys into humanity’s next phase of conscious evolution, and warmly invite you to join us.

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In the Spirit of the Gift

All journeys are offered in the spirit of the gift, so are easily accessible whatever your personal circumstances. This means you choose an amount that feels right for you, rather than being charged a fixed fee. This allows a greater diversity of participation from around the world without the journeys being cost-prohibitive. Find out more when you book your journey.

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