Greetings from Findhorn Ecovillage in the North East of Scotland
A warm welcome to our great adventure!

The time has come; the call is clear. We, as humanity, are awakening to a pivotal, evolutionary turning point. We are learning how to transition from a life-destroying society to a life-affirming global family.

And you can be a part of ushering in deep change that recognises our interdependence, honours the sacred, respects all life and protects the Earth for future generations.

Inspired by leading visionaries of the Great Turning, our online spiritual education and resource centre is dedicated to supporting the shift in consciousness needed to navigate and actualise the Great Turning, together. Won’t you join us? (read more…)

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Our Mission

Our collective mission is to cultivate a spiritually-awakened, holistic, life-affirming counterpoint to support humanity to navigate the challenges of our times and accelerate our evolutionary impulse toward a mature planetary civilisation.

Together we will learn how to live the highest version of ourselves in deepening connection to self, others and all life, by integrating and applying these three principles of transformative living.


Discover the light of your soul and open to the transformational field of humanity’s next phase of conscious evolution.


Link hearts and hands with like-minded others around the world in celebration of our shared humanity and our growing planetary sense of oneness, of interbeing.


Make your love for the planet and your respect for all life visible by discovering what is yours to do in service at this time from a place of evolving maturity, empowerment, resilience and compassion.

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Our Blog

To help illumine the path, our Blog features inspiring articles, videos, poetry, music and spiritual practices to support us in our mission to awaken, unite and act for future generations.

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Our Location & Contact

The Great Turning comes to you from the beautiful

Scottish coastal region of Findhorn Ecovillage:

447 Field of Dreams

The Park, Findhorn

Scotland IV36 3TA

Email: [email protected]

We Are Here