The Great Turning initiative at Findhorn is a labour of love in service to the planet and humanity’s next phase of conscious evolution. It is made possible through the generous gifting of our global family of change makers who resonate with, and support, the actualisation of The Great Turning for the benefit of future generations.

The concept of gift ecology is an alternative model that we are committed to demonstrating. The launch of our online learning journeys, as well as our Blog and outreach work through The Great Turning website and across all our social media platforms, have been made possible entirely on the basis of gift ecology. Our intent is to ensure a rich and diverse mix of participation from all over the world without any of our events and programmes being cost prohibitive. We are inspired by, and deeply grateful to, all those who continue to unconditionally gift their skills, talents, abilities and passion, as well as their monetary gifts, to the initiative.

Charles Eisenstein, through his own direct experience of this model, has provided great support in encouraging us to apply the principles of gift ecology, which has required of us a leap of faith into the unknown, yet the sense of trust, fulfilment, possibility, expansion and revitalised purpose have been beyond our expectations.

“To truly live in the gift requires that we stand in a different story… The crucial point isn’t what words we use, it is the thinking that they come from, the story that we stand in. The more we stand in the story of the Gift, the more compelled we are to align our actions to it, and the more clear it becomes when it is, and is not, in alignment. Then there follows a long navigation through the social and psychological hazards, the buried wounds and conflicts that arise as money conditioning is disrupted and our economic relationships re-constellate. As this happens, a new world emerges into view that feeds us on this journey, as we witness more and more generosity, more and more gratitude towards us and around us.”

~ Charles Eisenstein, Shadow, Ritual, and Relationship in the Gift

If you would like to support the actualisation of The Great Turning through gifting to our initiatives, please know that your gift, great or small, will be joyfully and gratefully received in service to the planet and the evolution of human consciousness.

You may choose to give a one-time gift, or a recurring monthly or annual gift, by filling in the form below.

With love, gratitude and blessings of abundance to you,

Mattie (for The Great Turning Team at Findhorn)