Pioneers of a new age ~ Eileen Caddy

Pioneers of a new age

You are pioneers of a new age, an age which must be built on the foundations of love.

There is much work to be done. Every inch of the way has to be tested and tried so that there are no pitfalls along the way which the many will follow.

It takes courage and vision to pioneer something new. You have to know deep within that you are doing the right thing and go right ahead, ignoring all opposition.

You have to learn to be ultra-positive, to refuse to see or accept anything negative or to even contemplate defeat in any way.

You have to have vision and hold fast to that vision no matter what may appear to be happening on the surface.

That vision of My new Heaven and new Earth must be held. Remember, ‘without vision the people perish.’

~ Inner guidance received through Eileen Caddy, Co-founder Findhorn Community Ecovillage

Header Photo by Boris Baldinger on Unsplash 

Featured Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash