Metamorphosis ~ Dr Jude Currivan

A caterpillar exists to eat. Its aim is to consume as much as possible.

When there is nothing left to devour, evolution forces its isolation into becoming a chrysalis; within which it dissolves. In the breaking down of its old form, a new form begins to evolve into a butterfly. One morning, it breaks through the wall of its chrysalis. It waits for its wings to dry in the warmth of the Sun, and then it flies.

A butterfly exits to pollinate. Its aim is to sip the sweetness of flowers. And as it does so, it fertilises life.

We have been a caterpillar species; consuming, not only all that Gaia could spare in her generosity, but much more.

Having been cocooned by covid, we can choose to breakdown who we thought we were.

To surrender; not to the will of humankind, but to the evolutionary impulse of the Universe.

To dissolve our separated sense of self, and co-create imaginal cells of potential; linking up and lifting up to form organelles of emergence.

We can reframe and more deeply understand, the breakdown and dying of the old, and breakthrough and birth of the new; not as a crisis, but as a metamorphosis.

Instead of plunderers, we can evolve to become pollinators.

~ Dr Jude Currivan, Author of The Story of GAIA: The Big Breath and the Evolutionary Journey of our Conscious Planet

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash