Make it the most glorious of years ~ Eileen Caddy

make it the most glorious of years

Now is the start of the new year. No one knows what this year will bring, but your attitude towards it can make it the most glorious of years.

Waste no time listening to predictions for the coming year, simply hold in your consciousness that this will be the most wonderful year possible and help bring it about.

Your whole attitude and outlook are so vitally important.

~ Inner guidance received through Eileen Caddy, Co-founder Findhorn Community Ecovillage

Give Yourself the Gift of Living Your Most Glorious Life in 2022!

Our Bold Invitation: Imagine your ideal world. The Great Turning is upon us. The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible has arrived. How are you living your life in this new world?

For 4 months, we are inviting you to join our Great Turning Experiment, Live Online from Findhorn, 16 March to 22 June. For full programme details and to book your place, please visit our programme page….

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