In honour of Imbolc, the First Day of Celtic Spring by Grace Wells

In honour of Imbolc and Brigit’s Day, we celebrate the first fragile signs of Spring in the Celtic tradition with this exquisite poetry-film by Grace Wells. We pay tribute to “the oldest love affair and the longest marriage between culture and nature where people and place are one”. 

Imbolc / Vision

In the cold of late January
mhí Eanáir
in the first fresh days of February
mí Feabhra,
the Cailleach lets go her hold
fragile days
slight as the sickle moon
the first slithers of light 
brightening the horizon
to announce 
the maiden goddess' return
Brigit carried back to us 
over the wildest seas
on the highest tides
and in their lowest ebb.

Brigit come to lay out 
the dying winter
to birth the spring
between her hands
her hips
and at her hips
she wears a belt of stars
the cros midwives' buckle

all across the world
the three sisters
the Trés Marías
the belt of stars 
that births us into wonder
a new season 
fragile as an infant
born into sleet and hail

as the glimmers of light
each day
two minutes more
Brigit's strength 
swelling by the
smallest increment
calling the sap to rise
the ferns to uncurl
cycles of frost and sun
burning the new leaves
and Brigit, goddess of healing 
repairing each bud
until the Cailleach's cloak 
becomes Brigit's mantle
her dew of mercy falling equally
on all things

patron of the animals
waking the bees to wing
rousing the birds to nest
calling the hare to dance

goddess of weaving
re-threading the weft of life
each bud, each leaf
a fleck in the body of the goddess
a filament of the divine
Brigit come to our threshold
to ask
how have you overwintered?

goddess of creativity
asking after the poetry in your life
goddess of smithcraft
silver, gold and iron
beauty and practicality
tool and implement
asking, how do you tend to the world?

inviting us into her alchemy
into the oldest
love affair of all
the long marriage
between culture
and nature
over, under, through
a binding of tendril and verse
filigree and frond
leaf and song

all that is tangled 
shall be unravelled
all that is frayed
can be mended

and people and place being one
the children here 
take rushes from the fields
to weave the body of the goddess
shaping the limbs of her four directions
over, under, through
binding at the center
the fifth province of faith
with its soft eye
that sees the sacred
in her every thread

goddess of the spring
who tides us over
till her blossoms come

4 thoughts on “In honour of Imbolc, the First Day of Celtic Spring by Grace Wells

  1. This is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. It touched my heart and nourished my soul. Gentle observations of nature and her awakening captured through the eye and lens of the beholder, thank you x 🙏

    1. Hello Vicki! Yes, it is stunning, isn’t it? I’m so happy that it touched and nourished you. With joyful blessings and appreciation from Findhorn, Mattie 🙏

  2. Beautiful & up lifting. I found this a reminder of the wonder of nature & the hope that it gives me.

  3. This poem/video is a wonder to me. It’s one of the most beautiful and gentle pieces I’ve ever seen. The world needs more of this!

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