Choose Hope, You Matter: The Call to Live The Great Turning by Dr Craig Schindler

choose hope

Choose Hope introduces a compelling vision of The Great Turning in this 5-minute video clip by Dr Craig Schindler, the first to coin the term The Great Turning.

As Martin Luther King, Jr often said, “The darkest hour is before the dawn.” This is the time when the most momentous shift is possible and it will depend on us – tens of millions of people of goodwill across race, creed and culture – to realise that hope is more than a feeling. Hope is a choice to rise together for The Great Turning.

Two hundred years from now, if we choose, historians of the 23rd century will look back at our era and call it The Great Turning. They will say that a loved-based, worldwide rising, in which tens of millions of people took responsibility to live with respect for each other and all life, was able in the 21st century to restore the Earth and create the conditions for peace.

They will say this Great Turning away from destruction was preceded by a dark time when human actions threatened life on our planet. Many called it the revolution of the human spirit, because at its heart were both the individual awakening to the light of the soul and the spiritual emergence of our humanity.

Future historians will describe how we embodied the wisdom of our great traditions with mindfulness and compassion and thus were able to take charge of our technology, how we fostered inner peace in our lives and justice in our world, how we rose together to reverse global warming and protect the diversity of life, and how women took leadership in all ways, and how we secured human rights and dignity for all people, ended hunger and poverty, and advanced the Beloved Community on Earth and how, therefore, we were able to journey to the stars, not as pillagers, but as pilgrims of the light.

Let us choose hope, and live The Great Turning, because you matter.

~ Dr Craig Schindler, author of the upcoming book, Choose Hope You Matter: The Call to Live The Great Turning

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Our Bold Invitation: Imagine your ideal world. The Great Turning is upon us. The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible has arrived. How are you living your life in this new, more hopeful world?

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