Awake and belonging by Ingrid Gauslaa Hårstad

A Norwegian viewer of our Great Turning Panel Discussion was recently inspired to creativity after her viewing and offered this poem. If you have not yet had an opportunity to watch the video, you can view it here:


This crisis connects us, a message from mom: It's time to wake up and act.
The earth is us - and we are the earth; it’s time to remember this fact.
With ego, anger, and alienated minds, we struggled to learn how to be.
After darkest times we woke and remembered, and then we clearly could see.
We are the earth - built of soil and air - and a part of the circle of rain.
We are the sunlight - with spirit and souls - we are born again and again.

And I am because you are, my friends, an endless abundance combined.
Pieces of nature - belonging to earth, these threats are just to remind.
In battles we killed, both humans and earth, pretending, protecting our rights.
Invisible wounds in our minds and our souls - self-punishing, struggles and fights.

The world that we built is a trap in disguise, made by the human mind.
But also, this mind holds the unlocking key - that we all are struggling to find.
Accepting our sorrows, accepting our pain, accepting the grief in our minds.
We forgive and transform, as wonderful beings, the story of humankind.

As children we played, now growing mature, we're changing from I to We.
As part of nature, no ruler of earth, we know the way it must be.
There are no winners in a dying world. The doom seemed already signed.
But we chose to hope, and constantly searched for gifts in our precious minds.

A future that works for all beings on earth, is the future for which we all long.
Indigenous wisdom is knowledge of life - the stories of how to belong.
Which change in the world is happening through you? This answer - yourself must find.
Connection to nature is leading your mind, it is nourishing, sparkling and kind.

When finding our seeds for the new earth to come, the feeling is calming and nice.
Together the colourful rainbow we are - creative, loving and wise.
Belonging - this feeling is healing our race and makes us able to see.
The ultimate product of nature itself - is humans like you and me.

Ingrid Gauslaa Hårstad, Norway, November 2021

Header Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

Featured Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash