A Blessing for the Challenges of Climate Change by Pierre Pradervand

All round the world, populations are leaving their ancestral lands due to climate change, for instance various populations in the highlands of Nepal. Innovative new measures and policies are urgently needed to face what could with time become huge challenges for hundreds of millions.

I bless the people all round the world who are facing the more challenging aspects of climate change. I bless them in their courage and inner strength when forced to emigrate and resettle elsewhere. I bless them in the vision and wisdom they need to reestablish a new and viable future.

I bless farmers and producers everywhere faced by climate changes that they may devise the innovative new approaches needed to face such situations. I bless the politicians concerned that they have the understanding and caring called for to put the needs of the planet and these populations before narrow party politics.

I bless the journalists called upon to report on these events in their wisdom and farsightedness that they may put the demands of deep, insightful reporting before the temptation of sensationalism and superficiality.

And finally, I bless us all in our ability to modify our lifestyles that they may be aligned with the needs of the planet and of enlightened environmental policies.

Pierre Pradervand, Author of 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World

Header Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

Featured Photo by Yvonne Cuneo at COP26 People’s March, 6 November 2021