4-week Countdown to The Great Turning Experiment

* The countdown has begun and the momentum is building! We’re just 4 weeks away from the start of our 4-month online learning journey: The Great Turning Experiment. We’ll be coming to you Live online from Findhorn starting 16 March and can’t wait to cocreate the ‘More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible’ with you. 

This journey is for you if you are questioning or concerned about the plight of humanity and the planet, and are seeking ways to proactively engage through connection with spirit and like-minded others. Together, we can turn the tide by contributing individually and collectively to the cultivation of a spiritually-awakened, holistic, life-affirming counterpoint to support humanity to navigate the challenges of our times.

Here you’ll find motivation, inspiration and meaningful connection to uplift your own life. You’ll also experience a deep change in consciousness as we enter into a collective rite of passage, which will lead us from our current evolutionary stage of adolescence to the transition stage as initiates of a mature planetary civilisation.

We’ve brought together great minds who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of humanity’s evolution. They will support us to navigate the greatest adversities humanity has ever faced by shifting our consciousness to accelerate The Great Turning – our epochal transition to a life-affirming global family. 

Our distinguished line-up of visionary speakers includes: 

Craig Schindler, Duane Elgin, Joanna Macy
Chris Johnstone, Bayo Akomolafe, David Korten and
Pat McCabe – Woman Stands Shining

We are delighted to be offering this profoundly transformative journey and warmly invite you to join us on the mission!

If there is anyone you’d like to ‘call in’ to unite in our mission, feel free to share far and wide, and, together, let us Rise to The Great Turning!

In solidarity and celebration of the sacred in all life on our beautiful planet,

Mattie, Your Journey Host 

What's in store for you