3-week Countdown to ‘Thriving in the Emerging New World’

* We’re so excited to be welcoming you soon on our intrepid journey. Together, we’ll learn how to:

🌃  Awaken to the power of the collective dark night to birth a new world.

🌌  Discover the unified nature of reality to gain access to the full power of the Universe.

🌠  Transform the challenges of our global emergency into the emergence of our conscious evolution.

🌅  Choose transformative pathways to a life-affirming future integrating spiritual wisdom and contemporary science.

❤️‍🔥  Embody divine love in service to fostering compassionate action in the world.

🌄  Support life’s innate ability to thrive in evermore intelligent, resilient, adaptive, creative and regenerative ways.

🕉  Risk being dismantled and remade in response to the inner knowing that another world is indeed possible.


Our distinguished line-up of visionary speakers includes: 

Andrew Harvey, Jeremy Lent, Jude Currivan, A’ida AL-Shibli,
Báyò Akómoláfé, Charles Eisenstein, and Michelle Holliday

We are delighted to be offering this profoundly transformative journey and warmly invite you to join us on the mission!

If there is anyone you’d like to ‘call in’ to unite in our mission, feel free to share far and wide, and, together, let us Thrive!

See you in September!